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Thursday August 24, 2017

CNN Panel Openly Questions Whether Trump Is Fit For Office After Wild Arizona Rally
HP | Sam Levine | 08/23/17

"There was no sanity there. He was like a child blaming a sibling on something else," CNN's Don Lemon said immediately after the rally. "A man clearly wounded by the rational people who are abandoning him in droves, meaning those business people and the people in Washington now who are questioning his fitness for office and whether he is stable."

David Chalian, CNN's political director, said Trump was "totally unhinged" during the speech. Rick Wilson, a conservative pundit, went even further.

"It was an astounding chain of lies tied together by lunatic asides by a man who obviously is mentally unstable. I mean, I'm not joking about it or being a smartass; this is a man who is not well," Wilson said. "This is a man who is not qualified or mentally or morally fit to be the president of the United States and tonight was one more proof of it."

"He alternated between being a whiny 6-year-old who's had his Nintendo taken away and between being the cranky old man who's being out there condemning everyone who doesn't worship him adequately," he added. "I know the 25th Amendment is a remote possibility, but if people around him don't think this guy is absolutely batcrap crazy, they are mistaken." ... Read more

*Don Lemon - BRILLIANT Reaction To Trump's 'Embarrassing' Speech (Phoenix Rally) | CNN | 08/23/17 | 13:22
*'Your behavior concerns the US' Tapper Calls Out Trump For Not Telling The Truth | CNN | 08/23/17 | 6:45
*Anderson Cooper's Magnificent Response To Trump After Another 'Shocking Speech' | CNN | 08/23/17 | 16:15

Exxon Mobil 'Misled' Public On Climate Change For 40 Years, Harvard Study Finds
HP | Dominique Mosbergen | 08/24/17

Exxon Mobil Corp. deliberately deceived the public about the dangers of climate change for four decades, a new Harvard University study finds.

For the peer-reviewed study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters Wednesday, two Harvard researchers analyzed nearly 200 documents related to Exxon Mobil's climate change communications. The researchers found that America's largest oil producer had repeatedly made "explicit factual misrepresentations" about global warming in advertisements aimed at the general public, while simultaneously acknowledging its risks behind closed doors.

"Our findings are clear: Exxon Mobil misled the public about the state of climate science and its implications," study authors Naomi Oreskes and Geoffrey Supran wrote in a New York Times op-ed this week. "Available documents show a systematic, quantifiable discrepancy between what Exxon Mobil's scientists and executives discussed about climate change in private and in academic circles, and what it presented to the general public." ... Read more
*What Exxon Knew | YaleClimateConnections | 12/08/15 | 9:24

How Trump Filled The Swamp | CorbettReport | 02/03/17 | 1:00:23

Agitated Trump lashes out at McConnell, Ryan, Clapper, media
Politico | Matthew Nussbaum | 08/24/17

President Donald Trump escalated his war of words with congressional leaders on Thursday morning, accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan of provoking a "mess" over the debt ceiling, while also lashing out at the news media and former intelligence official James Clapper.

... For days, Trump has bounced wildly between scripted messages calling for unity in the wake of Charlottesville and enthusiastic attacks on his opponents and fellow Republicans alike, underscoring how difficult a packed legislative calendar could prove in September for a president yet to achieve any substantial legislative wins while rapidly alienating his own party leadership. ... Read more

Who's Backing Away From Trump? Everyone. (#111) | Keith Olbermann | 08/23/17 | 8:58
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, August 24 [15:04]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, August 24 (FULL) | 59:02
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  1. Headlines
  2. Trapped in Raqqa: Amnesty Says Civilians Caught in "Deadly Labyrinth" As U.S. Intensifies Airstrikes
  3. Tariq Ramadan: As Muslims Condemn Spain Attack, Americans Must Denounce U.S. Killings in Syria, Iraq
  4. Pakistani Journalist: Why Is Trump Pushing For Failed Military Solution Instead of Diplomacy?
Predicting Trump Won't Last Full Term, Alec Baldwin Speaks Out on Impersonating the President | DN | 08/23/17 | 15:29
*Trump and the Dysfunctional American State | TRNN | 08/23/17 | 25:28
*Why Plutocrats Like Carl Icahn Are Almost Never Held Accountable | TRNN | 08/23/17 | 11:18
Trumpamania Running Wild In Phoenix, Brotherrr! | TYT | 08/23/17 | 14:43
Some Fun (Use the Mouse to pan around)
Tractor racing 360: Panoramic video from Bison Track Show | RT | 08/23/17 | 3:41
How Much Longer Will Republicans Let the Trump Circus Last? | ThomHartmann | 08/23/17 | 28:02
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
Keeping House At HUD | 1a.org | 08/24/17 | 1hr
A new article about the department of Housing and Urban Development called "Is Anybody Home At HUD?" says:

"HUD has long been something of an overlooked stepchild within the federal government. Founded in 1965 in a burst of Great Society resolve to confront the "urban crisis," it has seen its manpower slide by more than half since the Reagan Revolution."

The piece, co-published by New York Magazine and ProPublica, profiles HUD Secretary Ben Carson and outlines how pending cuts to the agency will affect programs that serve millions of Americans on the brink of poverty. Journalist Alec MacGillis writes:

"For a White House that swept to power on a wave of racially tinged rural resentment and anti-welfare sentiment, high on the demolition list might be a department with "urban" in its name. The administration's preliminary budget outline had already signaled deep cuts for HUD. And Donald Trump had chosen to lead the department someone with zero experience in government or social policy -- the nominee whose unsuitability most mirrored Trump's lack of preparation to run the country."

If HUD is a house on fire, what does the future of affordable housing in America look like? And how does HUD's five-decade history factor into what's happening today?
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
'Political Schizophrenia': A Tale Of Two Trumps | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/24/17 | 11:45
Majority Think President Trump Is Doing More To Divide United States | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/24/17 | 14:40
Senator Says Donald Trump 'Dossier' PI Should Testify In The Open | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/24/17 | 8:13
TheDaily Show with Trevor Noah
The "Many Sides" of Trump's Phoenix Rally | TheDaily Show | 08/23/17 | 6:50

08.24.2017. 10:56

Wednesday August 23, 2017
Soooo Far This Week

Defense hawks cheer Trump's Afghanistan speech
Politico | Austin Wright | 08/21/17

In going against his instincts on Afghanistan, President Donald Trump won the praise of some of his toughest critics -- defense hawks in Congress. Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who've blasted Trump in the past over his nationalistic foreign-policy views, hailed the president's decision Monday to increase the U.S. footprint in the 16-year war against the Taliban.

"I commend President Trump for taking a big step in the right direction with the new strategy for Afghanistan," said McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee. "I believe the president is now moving us well beyond the prior administration's failed strategy of merely postponing defeat. Read more
***Republicans THRILLED Trump's Never Leaving Afghanistan | TYT | 08/22/17 | 12:43

Why did Trump flip-flop on Afghanistan?
WashingtonPost | Daniel W. Drezner | 08/22/17

After years talking about what a stupid waste of money the Afghanistan war is, Trump flip-flops. In his televised speech last night, the president flip-flopped his position on the war in Afghanistan. We know this because, to his credit, Trump explicitly copped to it:

My original instinct was to pull out, and historically I like following my instincts. But all my life, I have heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. In other words, when you are president of the United States. So I studied Afghanistan in great detail and from every conceivable angle. After many meetings over many months, we held our final meeting last Friday at Camp David with my Cabinet and generals to complete our strategy.

There's a lot to unpack in that paragraph. Watching it live, when he said "I studied Afghanistan in great detail and from every conceivable angle," I literally laughed out loud. Let's be blunt: The only printed material that Trump has studied in great detail from every conceivable angle are periodicals that contain glossy centerfolds. Read more
Trump Can't Tell You His Genius Plan To Win Afghanistan War. It's A Secret! | TYT | 08/22/17 | 17:16

The Trump Resignation End-Game? (#110) | Keith Olbermann | 08/22/17 | 1 hr
Click to zoom in
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, August 23 [11:56]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, August 23 (FULL) | 59:02
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  1. Headlines
  2. Thousands Protest in AZ as Trump Threatens Govt Shutdown over Border Wall & Defends C'ville Remarks
  3. Arizona Migrant Justice Activist: Pardon the Immigrants Arpaio Criminalized, not the Racist Sheriff
  4. Predicting Trump Won't Last Full Term, Alec Baldwin Speaks Out on Impersonating the President
  5. Debate: As Trump Prolongs War in Afghanistan, Should U.S. Pull Out Troops Immediately?
***American Prospect Editor Robert Kuttner on His Extraordinary Interview with Steve Bannon | DN | 08/22/17 | 18:56
*Carl Icahn Resigns From Trump Administration After Exposé Details Corruption | TRNN | 08/22/17 | 13:11
**Institute for Policy Studies' Phyllis Bennis -> Endless War in Afghanistan | TRNN | 08/22/17 | 40:21
Fake Bannon Email Account Learns Breitbart's Deep Dark Secrets | TYT | 08/22/17 | 5:35
Killing in Afghanistan a recipe for disaster -- Ron Paul on Trump's plan | RT | 08/22/17 | 9:51
Richard Wolff: Has the Economy Hit a New Crisis Milestone? | ThomHartmann | 08/22/17 | 28:01
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
For Those In Peril On The Sea | 1a.org | 08/23/17 | 1hr
U.S. Navy fleet commanders have been ordered to get back to the basics of safety and teamwork after another warship was involved in a deadly accident. The broken destroyer, now docked in Singapore, is the fourth Navy vessel involved in an accident this year in the Pacific. This "operational pause" comes as an investigation into what caused the crash and the search for missing sailors continues. The remains of several of the missing have already been recovered.

What's behind these huge safety lapses? What do these and other accidents reveal about the state of America's Navy?
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
Donald Trump Attacked Mitch McConnell On Russia Investigation: NYT | MSNBC Rachel Maddow | 08/22/17 | 19:49
MSNBC Morning Joe 8/23/17 | 08/23/17 | 36:25
Joe: This Was Donald Trump At His Worst | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/23/17 | 3:47
'John McCain, Thumbs Down': Arizona Donald Trump Voters Weigh In | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/23/17 | 2:05
Exclusive: Hillary Clinton In Her Own Words | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/23/17 | 3:36
Looking From the Other Side ??
Alex Jones Infowars: Real News -> Steve Pieczenik 8/23/17 | Info Wars Live | 08/23/17 | 20:55
Alex Jones infowars -> Trump Goes All In To Win In Afghanistan | Info Wars Live | 08/21/17 | 1:16:56
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Making Sense of Trump's Afghanistan War Strategy | TheDaily Show | 08/22/17 | 7:13

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Tuesday August 22, 2017
President Trump Gives a Presidential Address to the Nation
President Trump Gives a Presidential Address to the Nation | WH | 08/21/17 | 1 hr

'He is stubborn and doesn't realize how bad this is getting'
Politico | Nancy Cook | 08/16/17

Trump's temper has been a constant force in this eight-month-old White House. He's made policy decisions after becoming irritated with staffers and has escalated fights in the past few weeks with everyone from the Senate majority leader to the volatile dictator of North Korea.

The controversy over his response to the Charlottesville violence was no different. Agitated about being pressured by aides to clarify his first public statement, Trump unexpectedly unwound the damage control of the prior two days by assigning blame to the "alt-left" and calling some of the white supremacist protesters "very fine people." ... Read more
Trump Adviser: 'He Is Stubborn And Doesn't Realize How Bad This Is Getting' | TYT | 08/19/17 | 9:44

As The Trumps Travel, The Secret Service Can't Even Afford To Pay Some Agents
HP | Willa Frej | 08/21/17

It's no secret that President Donald Trump's penchant for weekend getaways has created added costs for the Secret Service. But the agency is in such dire straits that more than 1,000 agents have hit the caps for annual salary and overtime allowances, director Randolph "Tex? Alles told USA Today in an exclusive interview.

Part of the challenge for the Secret Service is the size of the Trump entourage. A total of 42 people receive Secret Service protection (including 18 family members), Alles said, up from 31 people during President Barack Obama's administration. And Secret Service protection details are required to accompany them, even on vacations to places like Aspen, Colorado, Germany and Hungary, or business trips that took Trump's two adult sons to Vancouver, Canada, and Dubai. ... Read more

Trump Administration Dissolves Federal Climate Advisory Committee
HP | Lydia O'Connor | 08/20/17

President Donald Trump's administration has dissolved a federal panel of scientists and other experts tasked with helping create and implement new policy based on the latest climate change research findings.

That decision, members of the 15-person committee told HuffPost on Sunday, does not bode well for the future of climate change preparation and prevention during Trump's time in office. ... Read more

Why Steve Bannon's Exit Means MORE White House Chaos
BusinessInsider | author | 08/21/17

Ousted White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is gearing up for battle and has set his sights on President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, according to Vanity Fair. Bannon and Kushner have a long history of disagreement, with the two frequently butting heads on the ideological plane, where Bannon's far-right nationalist instincts clashed with Kushner's more moderate views.

In the wake of his ouster, Bannon is looking to even the score with West Wing rivals like Kushner, Vanity Fair reported. In keeping with that, Bannon reportedly wants former chief of staff Reince Priebus to testify to special counsel Robert Mueller that Kushner was significantly involved in Trump's decision to fire former FBI director James Comey in May. ... Read more
Why Steve Bannon's Exit Means MORE White House Chaos | TYT | 08/21/17 | 9:53

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin just put out a statement about why he hasn't quit in disgust
Vox | Dara Lind | 08/20/17

Cabinet secretaries don't normally feel the need to put out statements explaining why they haven't quit their jobs in disgust. But the Trump administration is not normal. And so it is that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin put out a statement Saturday night, explaining why he's sticking around in the Trump administration.

Mnuchin responded to an open letter published Friday, signed by more than 300 people who graduated from Yale, alongside Mnuchin, in 1985. "We believe it is your moral obligation to resign your post as Secretary of the Treasury, effective immediately," the letter reads.

Liberals, moderates, and anti-Trump conservatives have been calling for people of conscience to resign from the Trump administration since Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20. And each of the president's most shocking and worrisome moves -- firing FBI Director James Comey, banning trans service members from the military on Twitter against the advice of Defense Secretary James Mattis -- has inspired a new round of calls for administration officials to stop giving cover to an impulsive and divisive president. ... Read more
Trump's Cabinet: You Don't Wanna Know What He'd Do If We Resigned! | TYT | 08/21/17 | 9:05

Steve Bannon Readies His Revenge
VanityFair | Gabriel Sherman | 08/20/17

The war on Jared Kushner is about to go nuclear.

On the morning he was being ousted as Donald Trump's chief strategist last Friday, Steve Bannon had already turned the page. "Why do you sound unfazed?" a friend asked Bannon as news of his demise ricocheted across the web. "Because," Bannon replied, "we're going to war." Hours later, Bannon was calling into the editorial meeting at Breitbart News, rallying his troops to continue the battles he waged inside the White House. "We have a duty to the country to be the vanguard of 'The Movement,'" he told his staff, according to one person on the call. Bannon's main targets are the West Wing's coterie of New York Democrat "globalists"--Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and former Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn--as well as the "hawks," comprised of National Security Adviser H.R McMaster and his deputy, Dina Powell. "He wants to beat their ideas into submission," Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow told me. "Steve has a lot of things up his sleeve." ... Read more
Breitbart Going To War With Fox News? | TYT | 08/21/17 | 12:38

What Happened to Trump's Beef With North Korea? (#109) | Keith Olbermann | 08/20/17 | 8:07
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, August 22 [10:47]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, August 22 (FULL) | 59:02
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  1. Headlines
  2. State Dept. Official Who Quit in 2009 over U.S. War in Afghanistan Speaks Out on Trump's Troop Surge
  3. With No Timetable for Withdrawal, Trump Expands War in Afghanistan While Threatening Pakistan
  4. American Prospect Editor Robert Kuttner on His Extraordinary Interview with Steve Bannon
  5. Billionaire Carl Icahn Resigns as Trump Adviser After Reaping Millions From His Time in White House
**Full Interview: Billionaire Carl Icahn Resigns as Trump Adviser After Reaping Millions | DN | 08/22/17 | 24:54
State Dept. Official Who Quit in 2009 over U.S. War in Afghanistan Speaks Out on Trump's Troop Surge | DN | 08/22/17 | 13:24
**Trump's New Afghanistan Strategy: Windfall for the Military-Industrial Complex? | TRNN | 08/21/17 | 21:05
***The documentary "Ukraine on Fire" from producer Oliver Stone tells the hidden story of how the ongoing conflict began, including the pivotal US role | TRNN | 08/22/17 | 18:55
Ukraine on Fire (trailer) (2016) | 06/16/17 | 2:49
Ukraine on Fire (full) (2016) | | 1:29:00
Will Donald Trump last through his first full term as US president? | Aljazeera: Inside Story | 08/21/17 | 25:10
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
How Will America's Longest War End? | 1a.org | 08/22/17 | 1hr
President Trump addresses the nation Monday night about the war in Afghanistan, where more than 8,000 U.S. troops are stationed. A resolution to the conflict has defied solutions so far.

U.S. Defense Secretary General James Mattis told Congress in June "we are not winning in Afghanistan right now." What will it take to bring this conflict to an end? And is the president's "path forward" for U.S. engagement in Afghanistan and South Asia the answer?
The Sugar Story: A Spoonful Of Addiction Makes The Profits Go Up? | 1a.org | 08/22/17 | 1hr
Our decisions about what to eat are driven by much more than hunger. Social trends, agricultural science and multimillion-dollar industries can make certain vegetables hip or carbs passé, while concerns for overall health sit on the sidelines.

One of the major food trends of the last half-century was the movement away from fat. But, research published last year found that the fight against fat was fueled in part by sugar interests.
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
President Donald Trump Delivers 'Somber Speech' On Afghanistan | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/22/17 | 16:35
As President, Trump Listens To Generals On Afghanistan | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/22/17 | 9:27
The Secret Service Is Running Out Of Money | MSNBC All In | 08/21/17 | 1:22
Alternative News ??
Alex Jones Heated Debate On Trump & Afghanistan | InfoWar | 08/22/17 | 13:36

08.22.2017. 15:54

Monday August 21, 2017

How Evangelicals Support White Supremacy -- Even Though They Reject Racism
AlterNet | Chris Sosa | 08/16/17

Southern Baptists don't express any genuine interest in eradicating racism from the world ? just the denomination's own community.

... My Evangelical experience occured inside a large Southern Baptist Convention affiliated congregation called Spotswood Baptist Church in Virginia. The SBC is the largest Evangelical denomination in the United States, housing more than 15 million members. The only Christian body in the U.S. with more members is the Catholic Church.

Originally formed in partial defense of slavery, the SBC publicly rejects its racist roots. The apology and statement on race released by the SBC in the 1990s reads in part, "[W]e apologize to all African-Americans for condoning and/or perpetuating individual and systemic racism in our lifetime; and we genuinely repent of racism of which we have been guilty, whether consciously (Psalm 19:13) or unconsciously (Leviticus 4:27)." It continues "[W]e ask forgiveness from our African-American brothers and sisters."

This is true across most of racism-rejecting Evangelicalism. This subset of Christians does not work toward racial equality in society in any organized way. Racial inequality outside the structure isn't an area of interest or concern. But the reason isn't always obvious to outsiders. ... Read more

Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook by Mark Bray

As long as there has been fascism, there has been anti-fascism -- also known as "antifa." Born out of resistance to Mussolini and Hitler in Europe during the 1920s and '30s, the antifa movement has suddenly burst into the headlines amidst opposition to the Trump administration and the alt-right. They could be seen in news reports, often clad all in black with balaclavas covering their faces, fighting police at the presidential inauguration, and on California college campuses protesting right-wing speakers, and most recently, on the streets of Charlottesville, VA.

Simply, antifa aims to deny fascists the opportunity to promote their oppressive politics -- by any means necessary. Critics say shutting down political adversaries is anti-democratic; antifa adherents argue that the horrors of fascism must never be allowed the slightest chance to triumph again.

In a smart and gripping investigation, historian and former Occupy Wall Street organizer Mark Bray provides a one-of-a-kind look inside the movement, including a detailed survey of its history from its origins to the present day -- the first transnational history of postwar anti-fascism in English. Based on interviews with anti-fascists from around the world, Antifa details the tactics of the movement and the philosophy behind it, offering insight into the growing but little understood resistance fighting back against the alt-right.

Trump to unveil Afghanistan strategy after struggling with decision
Politico | Matthew Nussbaum and Brent D. Griffiths | 08/20/17

The White House appeared to keep a tight hold on the details, but Trump is expected to approve sending more troops to Afghanistan.

The White House appeared to keep a tight hold on the details of what exactly Trump will say, but he is expected to approve sending more troops to Afghanistan, deepening U.S. involvement in the region and indicating a more traditional approach to foreign policy than he promised on the campaign trail.

The move comes after the dismissal Friday of chief strategist Steve Bannon, who voiced skepticism about an increased military footprint in the region and preferred outsourcing some of the duties to private contractors. Vice President Mike Pence and national security adviser H.R. McMaster were said to have encouraged Trump to accept his commanders' proposals to send more troops, though Pence's office said he remained neutral. ... Read more

Carl Icahn's Failed Raid on Washington
NewYork.com | Patrick Radden Keefe | 08/28/17

One day in August, 2016, the financier Carl Icahn made an urgent phone call to the Environmental Protection Agency. Icahn is one of the richest men on Wall Street, and he has thrived, in no small measure, because of a capacity to intimidate. A Texas-based oil refiner in which he had a major stake was losing money because of an obscure environmental rule that Icahn regarded as unduly onerous. Icahn is a voluble critic of any government regulation that constrains his companies. So he wanted to speak with the person in charge of enforcing the policy: a senior official at the E.P.A. named Janet McCabe.

Icahn works from a suite of offices, atop the General Motors Building, in midtown, that are decorated in the oak-and-leather fashion of a tycoon's lair in a nineteen-eighties film. During that decade, Icahn made his reputation as one of the original corporate raiders, pioneering the art of the hostile takeover and establishing himself as a human juggernaut--a pugnacious deal machine, all avarice and swagger. ... Read more

Where's The Venture Capital Funding For Women?
Critics say the male-dominated tech world makes it harder for women entrepreneurs to raise money needed to start and grow new businesses. A new report actually reveals how women in tech get a tiny fraction of venture capital funding compared to men and the women's share of funding is shrinking. MSNBC's Ali Velshi explains.
Where's The Venture Capital Funding For Women? | MSNBC Velshi & Ruhle | 08/21/17 | 2:47
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, August 21 [14:28]

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, August 21 (FULL) | 59:02
Note: on the full 59:02 video look for small white (or black) circles on the Progressbar they denote the different news stories. You can move the pointer on the Progressbar to jump to each story, and around the video.
Note2: You might have to scroll the windows down 1/2 inch to capture the full video.
  1. Headlines
  2. Dick Gregory In His Own Words: Remembering the Pioneering Comedian and Civil Rights Activist
Life After Hate: Full Intv. with Nephew of Fascist Who Marched in Charlottesville & Former Neo-Nazi | DN | 08/18/17 | 1:04:47
Sierra Club Senior Attorney Casey Roberts discusses -> Will Rick Perry Use Grid Study to Push Coal? | TRNN | 08/21/17 | 9:17
Trump Adviser: 'He Is Stubborn And Doesn't Realize How Bad This Is Getting' | TYT | 08/19/17 | 9:44
Gary Cohn HASN'T Recused Himself From Goldman Sachs Issues | TYT | 08/19/17 | 4:31
How Trump is Secretly Blowing Up Social Security Right Now... | ThomHartmann | 08/18/17 | 28:02
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
Can Faith Leaders Help America Heal After Charlottesville? | 1a.org | 08/21/17 | 1hr
Presidents are expected to serve as moral leaders. But after the shows of hatred and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, many Americans are turning to spiritual leaders who have helped their communities fight bigotry before.
The Antifa Handbook | 1a.org | 08/21/17 | 1hr
In the wake of Saturday's violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, condemnations of the marchers' cause came quickly.

Except from the White House. In remarks Saturday and in the following days, President Donald Trump made references to "many sides" and violent responses from counter-protesters. Conservative critics were more explicit in pinning some blame for violence on Antifa.

Antifa is short for anti-fascist, a non-centralized ideology whose followers, as the Washington Post says, have a "willingness to physically defend themselves and others from white supremacist violence and preemptively shut down fascist organizing efforts before they turn deadly" which "distinguishes them from liberal anti-racists."
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
AP Finds That President Donald Trump Base Still Supportive | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/21/17 | 13:08
What Steve Bannon's Brief White House Tenure Shows | MSNBC Morning Joe | 08/21/17 | 9:20
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Nuclear Waste | John Oliver | 08/20/17 | 18:16
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Ladies Who Book: Steve Bannon | Samantha Bee | older, 08/09/17 | 6:58

08.21.2017. 11:18

Weekend 08/19/17-08/20/17

Extremely Active Hurricane Season Is Forecast as Peak Lies Ahead
AlterNet | Andrea Thompson / WXshift | 08/18/17

Favorable water temperatures and winds mean there's "the possibility now that the season could be extremely active," featuring as many as five major hurricanes, Gerry Bell, lead seasonal hurricane forecaster for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Wednesday. ...

... NOAA is predicting eight to 13 more named storms to form during the rest of the season, for a total of 14 to 19. Of those, 5 to 9 are expected to become hurricanes and 2 to 5 major hurricanes, defined as those that reach Category 3 status or higher. An average season has 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes. ... Read more

Bannon Is 'Going Nuclear'
TheAtlantic | Rosie Gray |08/19/17

In firing Steve Bannon, President Trump has lost his chief ideologue, the man who channeled his base and advocated for the populist-nationalist policies that helped propel Trump to victory.

But he has gained an unpredictable and potentially troublesome outside ally who has long experience running a media organization, and an even longer list of enemies with whom he has scores to settle both outside the administration and inside. "Steve is now unchained," said a source close to Bannon. "Fully unchained." ...

... Bannon had in recent days mused about leaving, according to people who have spoken with him; he has expressed to friends that he feels the administration is failing and is a sinking ship. And last week, he told people in a meeting that he would have 10 times more influence outside the White House than inside it. ... Read more

Bannon's next steps are being worked out with Robert and Rebekah Mercer, the billionaire Republican donors who have been some of Trump's most important supporters and Bannon's consistent patrons.

Why Bannon Lost and the Globalists Won
Politico | Bill Scher | 08/18/17

... In a White House fond of superlatives, it would be insulting to call any of its mistakes "little." Bannon's mistakes were huge, and they not only led to his ouster, but also the collapse of his grandiose dream: a realigned American political map centered on economic populism.

Days after Trump's election, a giddy Bannon told the Hollywood Reporter that he was an "economic nationalist," and then went on to explain what he meant:

"The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia ... If we deliver ... we'll get 60 percent of the white vote, and 40 percent of the black and Hispanic vote and we'll govern for 50 years ... Like [Andrew] Jackson's populism, we're going to build an entirely new political movement. It's everything related to jobs. The conservatives are going to go crazy. I'm the guy pushing a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan ... It will be as exciting as the 1930s, greater than the Reagan revolution -- conservatives, plus populists, in an economic nationalist movement." ... Read more

The politics of mean
Salon | Lucian K. Truscott IV | 08/19/17

... Bannon and Trump sounded last week like trolls in your comments trying to win points in an argument that was settled decades ago. They weren't just inviting a political war over race and white supremacy (!), they were taking childish delight in the prospect of such a war. It's the politics of mean. Notably absent from interviews given by Trump, Bannon or any other White House officials over the past week was any mention of what the President plans to do when he returns from his golfing sojourn in Bedminster, New Jersey. Congress faces an immediate need to pass a budget; a looming crisis over raising the debt ceiling; the need to renew the Children's Health Insurance Program; and about a gazillion foreign policy and military crises around the world, from terrorists attacks in Europe to an utterly failed war in Afghanistan to a restive, loony and nuclear armed North Korea. Not to mention the usual menu of pie-in-the-sky-we'll-get-it-done-someday legislative shit like health care, infrastructure, tax reform. ... Read more

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